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Seven convictions for banking

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In October 2021, Forrester Consulting delivered a report commissioned by Sopra Steria, entitled “Master Ecosystems To Be Future-Ready In Banking.” The report – the first milestone in our annual reports we will deliver to the financial services industry – was built following an online survey conducted with more than 900 decision-makers at banks globally to evaluate banks’ strategic focus around digital banking. 


Given Sopra Steria’s experience as a group leader in financial services and leveraging the results of the survey, as well as insights provided by Forrester, we have identified seven key tenets – or Convictions – that we believe will be fundamental to the future of our industry.


We believe that these Convictions will be essential markers for industry players to consider as they move forward. Here, we’ve outlined each of these Convictions, as well as statistics and quotations from the Forrester report to support them.