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Employee experience in banking

Our research shows that banks are still lacking when it comes to fostering a world-beating experience for their employees, and it's having an impact on their bottom lines.

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It’s become increasingly clear in recent years that if banks are going to survive and thrive in the current era, they need to adapt to meet the market’s ever-changing needs.

When we talk about banks rising to meet the challenges of the digital era, we often speak about harnessing data and building better customer experiences.

And while these remain important challenges for banks to overcome, there’s an equally important issue that often remains overlooked: Employee experience (EX).

Research conducted with Forrester Consulting for Sopra Steria’s recent report on “Master Ecosystems: To Be Future-Ready In Banking” shows that many professionals who work with banks find the internal culture a major issue in collaboration. Often, this comes down to a lack of motivation or innovative nous on the part of a bank’s employees.

In this paper, we’ll take a deeper look at what exactly those issues are, why banks must work on correcting them, and the steps they can take in doing so.