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Sopra Steria - Analyst Day 2023

You have been invited to our Financial Services Analyst day that took place on Thursday, the 23rd of March. If you were enable to attend or only partially, here is the full replay. We think that depending on your field of expertise, you might be particularly interested in the following use cases: 00:00 - Offer overview 30:00 - Leadership Roundtable 1:03:00 - Instant Payment 1:11:00 - Open Finance 1:18:20 - DORA, new paradigm for Cyber resilience 1:23:36 - E-Invoicing 1:31:10 - Inventory Chain Platform 1:40:00 - AI-ML for Micro loans scoring Would you need more details around a specific , we’ll be happy to have a discussion with you. Please reach out directly to us. Thank you.