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Webinar: Unlocking product marketing potential with data

A great panel discussion on the topic of utilising data in Product Marketing, join us on stage at the Sopra Banking Software office in Paris with: ● Anastasiia Shpiliak - Senior PMM at Decathlon Digital ● Maya Lawrence - Deputy head of Product Marketing at Sopra Banking Software ● Aditi Trivedi - PMM at Revolut ● Lucy Casamitjana - Head of Product Marketing at Skello Click on the timings to jump to a particular topic or section: - Introduction by Vincent Pronier, Senior Vice-President Product Marketing at Sopra Banking Software - Eric Bierry, Sopra Banking Software CEO, introduction and importance of product marketing (2:20) - Introduction to the Panel and Topic (06:40) - Panelist Introductions: Lucy, Maya, and Aditi (07:40) - Importance of Understanding Company Profiles and Data Teams (08.39) - Explanation on Data Utilisation at Sopra Banking (B2B), Revolut (B2C) and Skello (B2B2C) (09:21) - Utilizing Data in Market Research and Analysis (14:48) - Data in the Discovery Stage (26:10) - Data in the Pricing Stage (31:05) - The PMM North Star (35:15)